About Cursed

Welcome to Cursed Gamers!


Cursed is a community powered by our members that focuses on the everyday gamer, as well as the casual gamer. We turn to games to provide enjoyment, escape, and to satisfy our imaginations. In games we become a limitless extension of ourselves and challenge our own personas and skill.

Cursed takes all of these things that draws us to gaming, and allows you to share that experience and connect with others just like you.

We aim to find ways for you to expand your experience in gaming. We want to create tools for you to do this. We strive to enhance how you live, breathe and consume gaming. To do this, we look to our community for support, as you look to Cursed to support you.

Why should I become a member of Cursed?

What you see here, is not the limit of what you get from Cursed. Cursed is not just a place for content; we are a partner and platform for you in gaming. We will continue to develop new experiences, tools, and events for our gamers. We offer support for every gamer who needs it. And we have/will continue to develop programs to aid our members.

With your support we want to reward our members who continue to add value to Cursed Gamers. Cursed has provided copies of games to members that desired it and who have had a history of being a valued member to the community. We have received and passed along to our members game keys generously offered by developers exclusively for Cursed members. We host giveaways for various occasions, and will continue find more appealing giveaways as opportunities arise.

Being a member of Cursed means that you have become a partner with us in gaming. Everything here in Cursed is focused on you and the friends you make here or bring with you. Videos, Streams, Articles, and more - they all are created by Cursed members and consumed by the rest of the community. Creating an active and tightly bonded family of gamers.

We encourage you to not only jump in and game, but also share that experience with others. And share in others experiences. Whether you play games as a cool down from work, school, or as a way to challenge yourself against others. Whatever your reasons, we want Cursed to be the portal from which you launch into your every experience in gaming.

What kind of environment is Cursed Gamers?


Cursed is an all inclusive community. This that every member in the Cursed community should feel comfortable no matter their race, sexuality, politics, religion, personal and family status.

Games are about enjoyment. Any language or actions that causes any gamer to feel like they are not included in their own experience, is not acceptable. We are here to laugh and support each other in both VICTORY and DEFEAT! Cursed is here to enhance, not exclude.

Cursed is the kind of place where we can grow better as gamers with each other, and help each other by being either a supportive teammate or a gracious competitor. After all, it's just a game. But that game, is everything, from the moment you click start.