Cursed Partners

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How to become a Partner with Cursed?

We are looking for partners that fit what we do and who we are.

If you feel that Cursed is a good fit for you, we encourage you to reach out to us by sending an inquiry through our contact page. We will reply as quick as we can to find out more about your inquiry and provide you with possible options for your company or organization to become part of our gamers experience.

Please include all relevant contact info for your company or organization, how you feel Cursed and you can work together and your vision for that relationship, as well as what first brought you to Cursed.

We look forward to talking with you, and the possible relationship between our community and you.

Cursed Gamers is open to select partners that want to be a part of Cursed. When we say a part of Cursed, we mean we aren't looking for a profit share in your sales or a bonus. We want our Partners to be reflections of us, and us of our Partners.

A Cursed Partner offers us the capability to expand and enhance our community of gamers. They become as much of a part of this community as the gamers themselves.

Cursed Partners are companies, developers, and causes that we feel fit our brand and our goals.

Cursed Partners can aid us in many ways. Including but not limited to financial support, product contributions, services, and charitable opportunities.