Controversy Gotham Knight

What is the 30fps Controversy?

November 6, 2022

Skew Games, the company responsible for developing and publishing the upcoming police-themed multiplayer shooter Gotham Knights, has recently come under fire after it was discovered that the game would run at only 30 frames per second, despite being promoted as a 60fps experience during pre-release marketing and media coverage.

What is the 30fps Controversy?

A live-stream of a video game at 30 frames per second is considered to be lower quality than a video game at 60 frames per second. The term uncanny valley refers to how an animation that looks human but not quite right may elicit feelings of unease and revulsion. However, many gamers disagree with this saying that it does not matter what the framerate is as long as the players are able to enjoy themselves.

Why are People So Mad?

People are upset because they feel that their money was wasted on a product that doesn't work as advertised. They are also upset because it seems like the company intentionally mislead customers by not stating that the game ran at 30 fps and not 60 fps.

The gaming community has been harsh to this company, demanding refunds and criticizing them on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, etc. The community is convinced that this whole fiasco is just an elaborate marketing ploy in order to attract attention and to make people buy a game with mediocre graphics that runs slower than they anticipated.

Will it Affect the Gameplay?

Gotham Knight's gameplay is actually quite a bit different from other games that have been released in recent years. This game is an RPG-styled game with a turn-based battle system. As such, it should not be very difficult for players to keep track of what is going on in battles as well as be able to react quickly enough to whatever may happen next.

Secondly, the higher resolution and detail of the graphics makes up for any lack of fluidity that could occur. And finally, when a player plays a handheld game they will most likely play with their hands close to their face and so being able to see finer details in this way should also make up for any lack of fluidity in movement.

Could We Possibly Get A Performance Mode in Gotham Knights?

According to some sources, the performance mode might be added to the console version of the game through future DLCs that are available as free updates. On November 29th, a free update will be made available for Gotham Knights that will include a four-player multiplayer game option.

After the game has been released to the public, the creators will have a clearer understanding of how to further optimize it, which will free up some time for them. Therefore, it is possible that the Gotham Knights 30 FPS restriction may be abolished in a next patch.