Top 4 Best: Overwatch 2 Tanks

(Beginners Guide)

October 21, 2022
Cursed Gamers

The top tanks in Overwatch 2 are often viewed as the tanks that require the most skill to use effectively, though there are other great tanks that don’t take as much skill to play well with. The top 3 tanks I’m going to be talking about today are Reinhardt, D. Va, and Winston.

These three tanks bring something very different to the table, and each tank has their own strengths and weaknesses. But which tank stands out as the best? Read below to find out!

1. Reinhardt

Reinhardt is a tank in the game of overwatch and he has a shield that can protect allies from enemy fire. He also does a lot of damage with his hammer. His ultimate ability is Earth shatter, which can send enemies flying.

This makes Reinhardt one of the best tanks in the game for beginners because he is easy to play and has many skills. A great way to learn how to use him is by using him during Practice Mode.

2. D. Va

D. Va is one of the most interesting and enjoyable tanks in the game. With her ability to get around quickly, D. Va can be a huge asset when it comes to getting the team's backline out of trouble.

Her Fusion Cannons have a wide area of effect and can do some serious damage if you can hit your shots consistently. She's also a great counter to flankers like Genji or Tracer, as they'll both have a tough time getting past that Defense Matrix once she activates it!

However, her Defense Matrix has its limits. You can only protect so many people with just one defense matrix. Additionally, Fusion Cannons have a long reload time.

3. Zarya

Zarya's defense matrix is her main skill and she can absorb the energy from her weapon on her left hand, then release it as an energy blast or use it to power up herself or an ally.

Her ultimate ability is Graviton Surge, which launches all nearby enemies into the air before pulling them together in a crushing sphere around her target location.

It's not always the best idea to start with Zarya if you're new to the game but her abilities are really powerful and once you know how to use them, she'll be one of your favorite tanks.

4. Winston

Winston's Primal Rage ability increases his health and gives him a boost to his damage output, making him both tank and DPS in one. Winston can use his ultimate ability, the Jump Pack, to launch himself high into the air and drop an AOE attack on unsuspecting enemies below.

His Tesla Cannon weapon has excellent range, which is good for taking down snipers before they have a chance to shoot at you. He also has access to concussive blasts that knock back enemies and is capable of using his Barrier Projector shield wall to block projectiles and incoming fire. However, due to this being only available for short periods of time, it should be saved for when needed most.