Top 5 Supports OverWatch2

5 Support Heroes in Overwatch 2 That Will Keep You in The Fight

October 28, 2022

Overwatch 2’s release has been nothing short of a success, with over 25 million players having played it to date and counting. With such a high number of players, finding your place within the various online communities can be difficult at times.

Fortunately, many Overwatch 2 players find themselves gravitating towards specific characters or roles when playing the game, and this makes it much easier to get involved in the community surrounding them. Here are 5 support heroes that will keep you in the fight!

1) Mercy

Mercy is an angel of mercy who resurrects her teammates from death. She can fly, heal and boost the damage of allies. Mercy's weapon is a pistol that does medium damage at a fast fire rate.

When she takes fatal damage, she will be able to resurrect herself if within range of a teammate with her ultimate ability - Resurrect. If no ally is present then Mercy will take longer to die.

What makes Mercy a great hero in Overwatch 2? She has healing abilities, self-resurrection when needed, buffing abilities, and DPS abilities with her pistol.

2) Lucio

Lucio is a playable character in the game Overwatch. He is an international DJ and freedom fighter who uses his music to speed up his allies and slow down enemies.

His main weapon is a Sonic Amplifier that fires sonar blasts which can either damage enemies or heal teammates.

Lucio's ultimate ability is Sound Barrier which creates a large protective soundwave, giving him and all nearby teammates temporary shields. His passive ability allows him to move faster when near walls, making him harder for enemies to hit with projectiles.

3) Symmetra

Symmetra is the first character that pops into most people's heads when they think about support heroes in Overwatch.

Her ability to create a shield for her team and teleport allies to different areas on the map make her an invaluable asset during chaotic battles.

She is also highly effective at defending objectives, as she can place turrets that fire beams of energy at enemies. Symmetra's only weakness is her lack of mobility, so it's important to keep an eye on your surroundings while playing with this hero.

4) Ana

Ana is not only a support hero, she's also an offensive healer. She can heal allies at range with her Biotic Rifle, and her ability to provide healing while still being able to dish out damage means that she's a great pick for any team composition. Her ultimate, Nano Boost, increases the power of an ally's attacks and heals for 8 seconds in addition to giving them infinite ammo.

5) Zenyatta

Zenyatta is a support character that specializes in healing. This makes him the perfect pick for players that are more interested in keeping their teammates alive than they are in dealing damage.

He can dish out large amounts of healing when he needs to, but it's best for him to wait for his teammates to get into trouble before he does anything else.