Why is GTA 6 Taking So Long?

A few possible reasons why.

November 16, 2022

Over the past several months, Grand Theft Auto fans have been on the lookout for signs that the game is getting closer to release. In spite of the fact that GTA 6 is being made, fans will only be able to play it for some time. There have been some disgruntled gamers who have blamed Rockstar Games for their frustrations. Shawn Fonteno, the actor who portrayed Sam in GTA 5, has some words of wisdom for angry fans. Furthermore, he offers an explanation for Rockstar's slow progress on the next GTA game.

GTA 6 has been delayed for several reasons, and here are some theories as to why:

Keeping fans happy is crucial to the success of the game

According to TweakTown, Rockstar must deliver on fans' expectations in order to complete GTA 6. Taking GTA 5 as a point of reference, GTA 6 must surpass it in terms of storytelling, gameplay, and concept. It is clear that the game's fans are eager to play it. In any case, Rockstar should take their time, refine it and not release a buggy game under pressure. Sadly, the same thing has happened with a lot of titles, and they wouldn't want it to happen to GTA. This one is riding high in expectations, and it takes time for quality to develop.

A release will be made even better by anticipation.

As Take-Two's CEO, Strauss Zelnick, has stated, the company is willing to "rest a title" for players to make the event memorable. In cases where the final output is fantastic, more hype will result in a better response. Strauss Zelnick says that annually updating non-sports games can damage intellectual property, even if the game is good.” It's for this reason that Rockstar is not rushing GTA 6 to completion.

GTA 6's size could also be the reason for its delayed release

In any case, Rockstar's other games might not have anything to do with Grand Theft Auto 6's late announcement. There are several different reasons that could have caused the delay, including the size of the game, and any game in the market could have been affected by these reasons. Maybe GTA 6 itself is to blame for the gap between the release time of GTA 5 and GTA 6.

More delays may be in store for GTA 6 due to leaks.

Rockstar suffered a massive leak in September 2022 that is considered the worst gaming leak in history. There are several locations, engines, additions, gameplay footage, and new characters in the early test build. The beta is confirmed to be true. Hackers are claiming to have GTA game source codes, which is a nightmare for developers.

The leak is currently being investigated by Rockstar with the hope of identifying its root cause and stopping its spread. However, due to this unprecedented situation, the release date might be pushed back further. According to Rockstar, their ongoing projects will not suffer any long-term consequences.